See through your Heart

Today my friend Robyn* came to me crying. She has been threatened with eviction and abuse from the manager of her apartment building. As a single woman she feels vulnerable to the advances of this man and is so scared she wanted to end her life. The idea of being homeless as a single woman is more than just an inconvenience to her it could mean life or death in a city that can be very unforgiving.

I hope your sympathies do not change for her when I now tell you she is a crack addicted sex worker.

For some of you it already has! That’s too bad because my friend Robyn* has a heart bigger than most of the people I have known, and the ability to see people through her heart rather than her eyes. Something I wish we could all do.

She told me a story today at HHSM that I thought everyone should hear:

“You know what Helen – have you ever seen those two blind ladies that walk down the street with their canes?” “No.” I said. “Well they are my friends. I taught them to high-five the other day. It was funny they would put their hands up only at the side and I showed them they needed to raise their arms up like this to high-five me and they did!! So cool eh?!” She said with much excitement. “Very cool.” I said. “You know what else?” Robyn said with tears in her eyes “They love me because they can’t see me. They don’t know I’m a whore they just know me as Robyn* their friend who taught then to high-five. I wonder if they could see me if they would still love me-you know if they knew what I did?” she takes a deep breathe and cries. “Robyn* I think anyone who looks at you with their heart the way God wants us to look at each other, they would still see their beautiful friend who taught them to high-five. The friend who took the time to teach them and get too know them and to love them when so many others just walk by.” I said grateful for the lesson I too was just taught.

So I hope next time you’re out you can start to see with your hearts and not your eyes. Our eyes lie; they show us layers of who we think people should be, or how we think they are meant to behave to make us feel comfortable in their presence. The eyes make us fools missing out on the hearts of our sisters and brothers and robbing us of relationships, growth and most of all love. When the song says “was blind but now I see” it never refers to the physical sight of a person but the openness of their hearts. I know I am going to try harder to close my eyes and see through my heart. I hope you do too!

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  1. Stef Reply
    I love this too. Makes me really think hard about how judgmental I can be. But more and more God opens my eyes and compassion to the beauty the world can not see and I pray he continues that work in me. Thanks Helen for sharing!
  2. Barb Maclellan Reply
    Robyn is like many of the women we deal with every day! Praise the Lord others are beginning to see through their hearts! Afterall, it is our hearts that the Lord is concerned about!

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