Rules are Meant to be Broken, and Mouths to Stay Closed

I realized in the last few days that rules are meant to be broken and mouths are sometimes meant to be closed.

We had a very busy start to the day at HHSM. There were 20 people through the door in 10 minutes; it was a little crowded to say the least. Our friends were getting coffee and shopping through the clothes. Now we have rules about how many pieces of clothing can be taken. Rules like; men must take men’s clothes and women must take women’s. The rules help to keep the store from being taken advantage of and I usually go over them with new volunteers and new friends who come to visit. You might even say I am strict about them.

But today God kept me busy, too busy to approach a new gentleman whom I had never seen before. I didn’t get the chance to explain the rules to him and when he asked me “where the dresses are” I wanted to tell him he couldn’t take women’s clothes but I felt God telling me to shut my mouth. Something I have ignored many times in my life and later I always wish I would have listened.

Today I listened and I am glad!

When the gentleman finally made his way through the crowd and up to the counter he had a cream coloured dress in his hands and he asked me “would fit someone with a medium frame?” I simply replied “yes” and kept my mouth shut about the rules. He proceeded to ask if I had a shirt to put on underneath because it looked see-through. Again I simply replied “yes” and kept my mouth shut while getting him a camisole to put underneath. He thanked me with tears in his eyes and asked how much it would cost. I replied “It‘s free” and with a puzzled look on his face he asked “why?”. I replied “because Gods love is free, no questions asked, just like the clothes, here.” and handed him the bag. He smiled and said “Thank-you this dress is for a funeral she will be buried tomorrow and has nothing nice to wear.” I told him I was sorry for his loss as he left the store.

I’m very grateful that I forgot all about the rules and decided to listen to God and shut my mouth, for once!

  1. Deb Reply
    A rule broken, but the spirit of it upheld!
  2. Erin Reply
    WOW !!!! what a blessing you are - and what a blessing to have been in the right place at the right time to have this encounter. this truly brought tears to me eyes
  3. Jeanette Reply
    Helen: God has such a beautiful way of breaking our hearts...this made me cry...for joy...that you listened...and that wonderful man was blessed...xoxo
  4. Michelle Reply
    Wow...thanks for posting this. What a beautiful story. Way to follow that still and quiet voice.
  5. Laurie Reply
  6. Gudrun Reply
    What a wonderful story. God really was working here and how wonderful to listen to his voice. I am so grateful that he made you quiet. We should listen to our inner voice more often. Thanks Helen for being the woman you are and for sharing this beautiful story.
  7. Stef Reply
    I love your stories and you really tell them well! So well written.
  8. Paul Reply
    "Then cherish pity, lest you drive an angel from your door"

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