Reaching Out One Hand at a Time

Wow! Can you believe there are only 4 days left in 2015? How will you spend the last 4 days? What will you be doing on the last day as you prepare and celebrate ringing in the New Year? Will you spend any of that time reflecting on the past year’s challenges and blessings? Perhaps you will look ahead, making New Years’ Resolutions and setting goals to be accomplished.

The past year at Helping Hands has been one of excitement, challenge, and change, and the next year is bound to hold more of the same! In April, our Board of Directors held a visioning retreat. In evaluation of our Mission, “Reaching out one hand at a time with love and respect”, some changes were made to the store side of our facilities. These changes have helped us to provide our friends with the opportunity to “shop” more freely, in a relaxed environment, where our volunteers can be more intentional about reaching out while building relationships with our friends as they shop. Although change is never easy, most people have responded very favourably to the new model and even say they like it better. There have also been changes in the staff base, which have happened very smoothly and with very little impact on programming at the mission. These changes will hopefully bring fresh ideas and outlook as the mission continues to grow, moving forward.

The most exciting thing, in any year past and in every year to come, is seeing God show up through the encouragement and service of our supporters, volunteers, and friends.

Did you know that Helping Hands Street Mission is run entirely supported and funded by YOU? We do not receive any form of government funding, but rely entirely on the public for both moral and financial support. The space we occupy, the programs we provide, and the tangible items we give out, to make life a little bit easier for our friends in the community, would not exist without you.

So, as we reflect on how blessed we have been, at Helping Hands Street Mission, we would be amiss if we did not say THANK YOU! Thank you for helping us to hand out coffee and snacks to our friends as they come shopping for clothes, and hygiene items.  Thank you for a safe place for women to come and meet with other women to share a meal together and enjoy one another’s company. Thank you for the NEW socks that provide a little taste of comfort for weary tired feet. Thank you, for a place to get out of the wet and cold and play a game of cards on a Friday night.  Thank you for your prayers for our friends and for our mission. Thank you for all these things, and so much more.

Finally, if you are reflecting on your past year, looking at how you have been blessed, and considering how you might pay that blessing forward one last time in 2015, would you please prayerfully consider us again? As we look forward to 2016, we anticipate continued growth, continued need, and we know God will continue to provide. We hope that you will choose to partner with Him, and with us, to continue to serve the Barton Street Community, by reaching out one hand at a time, with love and respect, and offering the Hope that comes in our Lord Jesus Christ! If you are able to support us financially, we invite you to do so by visiting our Canada Helps profile page at the following link:

We wish you and yours a very Blessed New Year!


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