The idea for a writing group came to me one day as I was pondering what to do next with the time God gave me. I knew I loved writing on my own, and I absolutely knew that the people I saw every Monday at Helping Hands had a voice that wanted and should be heard in some capacity. Moreover, I knew personally the blessing of the therapeutic side of writing; that even if the writing was not grammatically or logically sound, the inner conscience of a person was being let free to concretely place thoughts into the physical world.

Once God planted the idea in my head and I got some considerable encouragement from various people from Helping Hands, I went for it, praying for strength and organization.

What I got was anything from organized. The participants took what I gave them, with the foundation of their own life story, and made the group into something they enjoyed doing most and I think encourages them in many ways, which was something that allowed them to put out feelings and deep ponderings to discussion.

I just had to mould my expectations and plans for the group into something that opens my mind every time I go. Going from a group whose sole purpose was to encourage writing and facilitate writing support for journaling and pieces, has now turned into a group who still supports each other in writing but is rather like a group that openly discusses philosophical viewpoints, blessings and difficulties in life and plans to really enjoy the community together.

Future hopes do include an increased amount of writing and sharing pieces, but also to include more people in our little nest of a group. Moreover, many of the ideas shared by the group promise to be a real community booster and nourishment for a growing imagination.

– Written by Erin, Volunteer at HHSM

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