Pizza Slices and Blessings

We were sitting in Emerald Pizza on the corner beside the mission one day as our somewhat regular routine. Okay it was Hawaiian Friday the day we meet Xia the owner, Officer Neil and this time I brought Marion with me too to eat delicious Hawaiian pizza slices. While we were sitting at our “usual” table to discuss the neighbourhood adventures of the week, a quiet woman sitting next to us whom I didn’t recognize asked me if we were the people from Helping Hands. I said “yes. we are open in about a half an hour if you want to stop by.”

She smiled and said “Well if I can come I would like to pick up some children’s clothing for my friend who just moved from my home country of Thailand. Would that be okay?”  I assured her that that was absolutely okay but also assured her that she would be able to pick up things for herself while she was there. She said to me “I already knew when you would be open. You don’t recognize me but I was coming in also to thank-you. I came to you 2 years ago when a local church told me about a place where I could get free clothes since I was new to Canada. I came in for white shoes and uniform pants so that I could attend the school for PSW and you gave me exactly what I needed. I have been working now for over a year and wanted to say thank-you for helping me be able to go to school when I did not have enough money to buy the proper clothing I needed. You don’t have to remember me you are busy but I thank-you so much and now I tell others about your place.”

I thanked her for telling me her story because so often we are so busy to see who is coming in and out of HHSM in a day we don’t always know why people are there. She was a blessing to all of us at the pizza shop that day because as a community at HHSM we are all excited to hear about God sending people to us in order for all of us to receive His blessings.

Thank-you to all of you who respond when we are in need of specific items to HHSM. This is just one of many stories of how your generosity effects the lives of so many you may never meet.

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