Mama’s Place

Thursdays 11 am - 2 pm

Picture an elderly woman, dressed all in black and wearing her rosary, mourning the death of her brother. She goes by her nickname, Mama and loves everyone she meets like they are her own child. She notices a young woman who works the streets. The woman’s dress is torn. She has been thrown from a car. Mama walks up to her and gives her a hug. This is a true display of the love of Jesus, and is the essence of Mama’s Place – a place for ALL women to receive and extend love within the context of women’s friendships.

At Mama’s, we relax with a cup of tea, have conversation and nurture creativity. We learn how to craft baby blankets, paint flower pots or wood pieces, make jewelry. Our conversations can be light and comfortable or downright raw and hurting. Some days we enjoy the camaraderie that comes from playing board games or bingo. A nutritionist sits in with us on occasion to talk about healthy food choices and cost effective recipes. Through these times, we laugh, we cry. We open up our lives and can become a part of theirs.

We have ventured so far as to pick vegetables on a Flamborough farm enjoying tea and biscuits with our generous hosts. We have picnicked together in Birge Park. We spent an afternoon learning about First Nations peoples of Canada with a blanket exercise.

Often life has been unkind to women, especially down on Barton Street. Modeling the love of Jesus, we encourage each other to engage with this God-man who loves them enough to die for them. That is some crazy love.

Volunteer your time – Women are welcome to come and build into the lives of those who attend.



Helping Hands Street Mission is a very safe and open place to be honest and not be judged by the people who attend and run it. Everyone is treated the same. The volunteers actually care about everyone that they meet. I have been encouraged to finish my school, and they hold me accountable to the time it will take me. May god bless all those involved with HHSM.


My daughter Abby and I have been visiting the mission for the past 9 years. We have always been greeted with warm smiles. We both enjoy attending Mama's Place on Thursday afternoons where we can connect and learn with other women in the community. The ladies have made us feel special and accepted. This group of volunteers have always been eager to lend an open ear and a helping hand.

We are looking for...

    the following essential items:
  • Summer Clothes - men's and women's casual pants, shorts, and shirts
  • New Underwear (NEW)
  • Shampoo, Toothbrushes and Razors
  • Sheets & Blankets