Jimmy’s Place #1

Written by Laurie Hebblethwaite

With, what…? I don’t really know what I was feeling. It was time to open up “Jimmy’s Place” for the first time. So, on Tuesday January 4, 2011, Tom, Derek and I sat in the new “digs” and waited. Well, that is all that happened on that first night. No one came, we were it.

Looking back at that night, I am not upset or mad or feel like I wasted my time. When I committed to Helping Hands to assist in running the men’s drop in program (which was eventually named Jimmy’s Place, in memory of a very dear friend at the mission) I didn’t know what to expect. What I did know was this… It was something that I had to do. Not something I wanted to do or maybe to do or kind of show up once and a while but, something I had to do, nor was I even sure why I had to do it but all. So come whatever may that first night, I was excited and nervous.

First there was some planning to do prior to opening. Yea right, here I am in totally new territory and I have no idea what to do. But, as always, God comes through. After a breakfast meeting with Tom and Helen, we decided that the best way was to

A) Let God guide us. After all, it was by His Grace that this was happening at all


B) Let the men who we’re doing this for direct us in what they would like, within reason of course. I thought with a smile

As I look forward to more Tuesday nights, I guess what I really want to accomplish with “Jimmy’s Place” is talk to whoever comes through that door. To let them know that they are welcome. To let them know that we want to get to know them, that we are not there to judge, or criticize, or anything, just to talk with them, to be a friend…

I know it’s going to be great!

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