God Thing at the Barton Cafe

One of my favourite regulars came into Barton Cafe last night VERY angry and down on himself…he said he wasn’t worth anything…he was useless…and he was going to get rid of his guitar…which he had with him…he even raised his voice to me but not in an agressive manner…it was more about his self loathing than towards me…and I felt so bad for him and I knew there was very little I could do…so I made him some tea and chatted a little with him…he went outside and was on the phone for a bit and he seemed to settle down a little…but his body language was very agitated…and a couple of the other regulars tried to calm him down (Keith and our new volunteer Cam tried as well) with little success.

Then the most wonderful thing happened…Elaine and her husband, Rick came in…I just about jumped her…I was never so happy to see anybody walk into the Cafe…You see, I introduced “him” to Elaine at church on Palm Sunday and she gave him a brief guitar lesson (he never leaves home without it)…furthermore, she used to volunteer at the Cafe when it first opened and she brought her guitar and played and sang…she made it known that she would love to teach or jam with anyone that might be interested.

When she arrived last night “he” was in the bathroom and I told her briefly what was going on so her hubby went to the car and got her guitar. When “he” saw her he was a little hesitant, but she took him in the back room and they played together for an hour…she was so soft spoken and he was so inspired to just sit, listen and play.

When we were getting ready to close…”He” was a changed man…his whole persona was calm and peaceful; his face relaxed and he smiled easily. He said he realized how much passion he had to play and that Elaine had inspired him…and he said he will not get rid of his guitar…but rather use it when he’s feeling down and out…I told him I thought Elaine was a “God thing”…I had no idea she was coming…but God did…and she came for “him”…I reminded him that God knows how worthy he is…He was full of smiles when he left…and I hugged Elaine and whispered to her…that this was a God thing that she showed up at the right time…

I still have goose bumps Helen…and I am so pumped…I needed this today as well…a reminder of how much God loves ALL of us…and how much we are worth in HIS eyes…

– Written by Jeanette, Volunteer at HHSM

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