Happy 150th Birthday Canada!



To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, Faith In Canada 150 has partnered with chimp, “a foundation that provides the tools to make giving a part of everyday life”.  They have partnered in a campaign to generate a culture of giving amongst Canadians, with the goal of making giving “a habit, not a reflex”.

Faith In Canada 150 is giving Canadians a kickstart to their giving with a free gift of $15 when they set up a chimp account, absolutely free, which you can then use to support Helping Hands or any other charity of your choice! The process is very, very simple and we have made it even simpler by laying out easy to follow, step by step instructions!  If you want more information, visit Faith in Canada 150 at http://www.faithincanada150.ca/give150 .

We are looking for 150 people who will give 10 minutes of their time, to benefit Helping Hands Street Mission. Will you be one of those people?
36 of 150 people have helped so far!


If you are ready to give a free donation of $25 to Helping Hands now, we’ve done our best to make this as easy as possible for you! Just follow the steps below:



Step 1:

Set up a free chimp account.

Go to www.chimp.net and click on “Sign Up” in the top right corner.

Chimp Sign Up


Step 1 (continued): After clicking “Sign Up”, you will see:




Step 2:

Receive your $10 gift from chimp.

Verify your email address by signing into your email account, and clicking on the link in the verification email from chimp. If you do not receive an email, try refreshing this page and resend the email. Be sure to check your junk mail folder or other folders that your emails are automatically sorted into.


After verifying your account, you will be logged in to chimp.


Chimp has given you your first $10 to donate to Helping Hands!


Log out from your chimp account.


Receive your $15 gift from Faith In Canada 150.

Log back in using the #Give150 portal, by clicking HERE,     then     scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “Log In”




You have now received $15, from Give150, to give to Helping Hands Street Mission!




Donate your $25 to Helping Hands Street Mission

Enter “Helping Hands Street Mission” in the search box, then click on the arrow to the right of the name.



Click on “Give Money to this Charity”…



Fill in the blanks, and click Continue…






That’s it! Thank you for blessing Helping Hands Street Mission!




Double Your Donation!

The giving gets even better! Faith In Canada is committed to helping Canadian’s continue giving, as part of their every day lives. This means, when you add $15 of your own money, they are going to match that 100%, giving you the opportunity to double your donation!

Then, if you want to carry that even further and really make the most of your donated dollars, why not consider setting up your donation to occur each month? When you do, Faith In Canada 150 is going to match the first 2 months of your recurring donation!

That means your $45, donated over 3 months, becomes $105 to the charity of your choice! More than double the blessing!

Thank you for participating in #Give150 and blessing Helping Hands Street Mission!