Friday Night

Here is a reflection from one of our volunteers after a Friday night at HHSM…

Wow what an amazing night out last night!  I said to Patty on our way home I wish I had taken a picture of us leaving compared to when we returned.  Let me paint the picture, we took their truck and the back of the truck was FULL of bins and bags (anything that wouldn’t blow out) then the back of the cab was FULL (just enough room for me) of more blessings!  On our way home we had two bags and a couple part bins of stuff… just unbelievable how much went and how great the need was.  Their were a lot of people at the second stop and when we started to take the stuff out we were just swarmed with people, it was the first time I have experienced it where they were more interested in the clothing, blankets etc than the food. Warmth was a great need, then they ate.  God provided in abundance for those individuals last night, everyone left with their arms full, smiles and most kept saying thank you over and over to us.  It is so great to get to be God’s delivery person!

The Tims cards were as you would imagine a HUGE hit and word spread quick of that blessing. The blankets you collected and brought Laurie are all gone and people were so happy to receive such a soft warm cozy blanket.  I am struck by how many people were part of this mission last night.  God called the 3 of us to go and deliver but so many others made it possible, from the ladies who made the fleece blankets, to Angel friend Kate who continually provides all she can, to the many donations and Tim cards that God put on peoples hearts to drop off at HHSM this week. I am left wondering today how anyone cant believe in God…. no person or group for that matter could ever make all these things come together so perfectly.  What an amazing God we serve and what a blessing it is to GET to serve.

As always Helen thanks for the honor it was to serve God through HHSM. I know the needs are still out there on the streets of Hamilton today but their were a few more people who were a little cozier last night because of how others listened and responded to what God said.

If you would like to be stretched/challenged/changed in 2014 I suggest you try volunteering with us at the Mission! For more information on volunteering, click here.

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