Diane wonders if religion is real or fake. She drifted in and out of Helping Hands but there would be little communication. This visit to Wednesday afternoon’s Mama’s Place was different. She was panic stricken. Her boyfriend was in jail and she didn’t know what she would do without him. How would she survive alone?

Her apartment is furnished with Helping Hands donations. Once rent is paid, there is little for food so she has lost too much weight. Few of her original clothes fit now. The hydro bill is unopened for fear of what is owed. She regularly seeks medical treatment as her body has suffered from the abuse. Although she’s been referred to specialists she fears she is beyond help. She says, ‘It’s all part of God’s punishment. I wish I were dead’.

Her daughter is old enough now to have found her on her own. Diane doesn’t want her daughter to see her working the corner so she no longer picks up johns but that means even less money. She is very sick so the doctor orders blood tests. At the lab, she talks openly in the waiting room. She thinks she’d be better to do it herself because this needle burns compared to recreational drugs. She is thankful that the lab technician is sensitive. Sometimes people don’t treat her very well seeing as she did this to herself. She doesn’t blame them for thinking that. Humanly speaking there is little hope.

From jail her boyfriend writes that he has accepted Jesus. He says God created woman to be a helper for man; that it was not good for man to be alone. He misses her and talks about what they will do when he gets out of jail. She cries as she reads the letter.

The next day she says she wants to give God a try so we pray for Jesus to come into her life. Some bad choices have still been made since that morning but from that day on there is one big difference. Jesus is living in her.

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