COVID-19 Closure

It is with breaking hearts that the Board of Helping Hands Street Mission has decided to close the doors of Helping Hands Street Mission for a while as our world struggles with COVID-19. Premier Ford’s closure of non-essential services is made in the best interest of the people of Ontario, while struggling to determine best practices in an unprecedented time. Helping Hands fits under the description of a drop in centre, so we are considered an essential service and would have the right to remain open, but the limitations of our facilities to do not allow for us to remain open in a way that responsibly supports risk management at this time.

We understand that #StayHome does not work for those who don’t have a safe home. We also understand that social isolation is the last thing a person dealing with significant mental illness with no support circle needs. We acknowledge that these are the situations for most of the friends of Helping Hands. But we believe that right now, this situation limits and therefore calls us to intense and sustained prayer for these many vulnerable and valuable people in our society. We look forward to moving from prayer to action together with many of you as we soon will welcome you all to come up with creative ways to “walk alongside” people who still need the support of a community, but at a safe physical distance. Please pray, and let God start turning the wheels of creativity. We will especially be looking for ways to continue to be community, as other organizations are already stepping into the food security gaps. Helping Hands Street Mission is a community based on the Christian value taught by Jesus that “man does not live by bread alone” – so we’ll be exploring how his word and love can still go out even within times like we find ourselves in today.

Stay tuned for updates …..

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