Merry Christmas! Keep CHRIST in Christmas! Post this if you believe that Jesus is the reason for the season! Sign this petition to keep the tree a “Christmas” tree and not a “holiday” tree!!

I feel people’s frustration, and back in my early stages as a new Christian I felt the need to shout all of these statements from the roof tops. In fact I even had the magnet for my car that said “Jesus is the reason for the season” written inside a Christmas tree with a picture of Mary and Joseph and their baby boy (I think it may still be on my fridge). I used to get into debates with my non-believing friends for hours about the importance of keeping Christ in Christmas and be very in their face about it (a fine Christian virtue?). The problem for me and my obnoxious ranting ( I wish I could say they were deep theological discussions but that would be a big lie), and that very nice magnet for my car was that with all the importance that I thought keeping Christ in Christmas meant, it seemed to disappear when I went into the mall, grocery store, got cut off by another driver, when someone stepped in front of me in line when I had really important things to do like buy another stupid gag gift for an uncle who would laugh about it on Christmas and then return it to me via a donation to Helping Hands the following year. You see that magnet didn’t keep Christ in anything but particularly not Christmas.

I guess for me, I am more frustrated with all our Christian hypocrisy at this time of the year. We want to keep CHRIST in Christmas, but the last time I read scripture, the Christmas story has no reference to spending money we don’t have to buy things for people who don’t need anything. There is no reference in any scripture to “Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ was born!” and then yell at the person who cut you off and demand that the clerk at the counter hurry up because your time is very valuable. I don’t recall ever a time when Christ himself said “Go and make disciples of all nations, and for goodness sake please when you are celebrating my birth make sure you call those trees by the proper name!”

Don’t get me wrong I believe we need to keep Christ not only in Christmas, but in Easter, New Years, Valentines Day, Fourth of July, Canada Day, Halloween (yes even the dreadful Halloween), Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, first day of school, yesterday , today and yes EVEN tomorrow no matter what tomorrow may be. You see Christ should be kept in everything and everyday. It is what we as believers are called to do – as hard as that is for all of us. I wish this same amount of “Christian energy” was going out into putting Christ in daily encounters with people, friend’s, family, and strangers the way we were told to do it by God. You know Christians become this loud NOISE at Christmas that seems to get really quiet by Dec 26th when we all rush to get the best sale price on some stuff we really don’t need anyway, and stress out about the parking lot, the crowds and yell at each other in the process. Does Christ leave after Christmas? For some it does.

We think this holiday belongs to those who BELIEVE but we have totally got the point of the birth of Christ wrong. He came to earth to two homeless teenagers and had no material things to call his own to save us ALL – yes even those who call it a holiday tree. We say “Keep CHRIST in Christmas!’ but consume our way through the season over eating and over buying? How does that match up? Don’t get me wrong we all enjoy getting a gift and I dare say we even had SANTA come to our house – yes the evil Santa Claus who to some Christians is the evil arch enemy of Jesus. We are so silly sometimes. I guess my view of God is a little different. I believe that He would be happy with ANYTHING that encourages giving and joy at the Christmas. I mean we are so busy as BELIEVERS getting mad at the offensive idea of a holiday tree or a guy who tries to grant the wishes of children, that we have no time left to discuss the birth of love grace mercy and peace. No one would listen anyway. Those non-believers have tuned us all out anyway and besides all they have to do is wait a few weeks or months to see that we are hypocrites. We BELIEVERS do keep CHRIST in Christmas – we just put him away somewhere for the rest of the year.

Please remember the reason for the season is NOT a CHRISTMAS tree, it is actually Christ. Go and bless a family that you know may be struggling. Be patient at the store in line and in the parking lot. Be gracious merciful and kind. That is how those Holiday Tree Santa believing messed up people will know that you are a BELIEVER, especially if you can do that all year. That is how people come to know who Christ really is. Not through a CHRISTmas tree but by keeping a watchful eye on all of us at Christmas and all year long.

Merry Christmas everyone and Merry the whole rest of the year too!

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