Celebrating Creativity

People say things like “there are no words to describe…” and then they seem to find many and I believe that is what I am about to do now. HHSM in collaboration with The Bridge had a fantastic evening witnessing God creative spirit in many of the friends we connect with on a daily basis in each of our ministries. To be honest we had no idea what the night would end up looking like or if it would be “successful” but the best part about working with James (Bridge Executive Director) is that he has a similar spirit to mine that allows him to try something even at the risk of it not working. We had no way of knowing whether or not this idea that was born out of the similar activities flowing from the Bridge through an art program and HHSM through craft and writing programs as well as the great connections with local, unknown artists in the community would work . It did.

James and I spent time connecting with and gathering up the artists in our midst to say we wanted to celebrate creativity with them and allow them a safe space to display arts craft poetry and music. We had grand plans of having it at a big cafe venue in the city but when several road blocks were put in our way we looked around and decided we should keep it in the community and use the Barton cafe space at HHSM, although it didn’t look much like an art “anything” at first-not even close. So I called on young creative friends to help and Grace and Lynda came down to change the space-with the help of some black material donated from friends and Grindstone church-into an amazing art Gallery! We served coffee tea and wonderful cupcakes from Cupcakes in Westdale and open the door.

The night was incredible! Woman from HHSM Mamas place sold their craft creations to have a celebration together, the CD player played a creation from a wonderful friend of HHSM, paintings were admired and sold from the artists connected with the Bridge, poetry was read silently and aloud. The room had a deep sense of serenity. A steady stream of friends, family and neighbours joined us in celebration and the space just filled with love. James and I could never have predicted the kind of impact the night would have on everyone who was there but the response was so great we are planning for Celebrating Creativity 2 in the spring. There were many stories to share about the evening but I wanted to share one in particular with you now.

A friend who attends HHSM group RISEE on Tuesday afternoons-a group who gather to write, express and collaborate on imagination and thoughts to express them on paper-entered the room. It’s a small group and sometimes only 2 attend but this particular friend never misses a day. He has a hard time connecting with people he told me, so he likes to write things down. He came to the evening with a plastic bag that contained 3 poems inside and wanted to read them out loud-something he had never done before. I told him we would love to hear them and that this night was for celebrating his creativity. SO I gathered the people there and set up a stool for him to sit on and asked everyone to please stop as we had a poet who was about to share with us. The room stopped as he read his poetry. When he was finished everyone clapped and he smiled so big something I had never seen on his face before. He said “Did you see how the room stopped as I spoke? It is because the words are mine and I am the author of these words so my spirit commands people to listen.” He was soon greeted by everyone there to thank him for his work and for sharing it. I love when God puts you in the presence of moments in people lives where a change happens. Where someone feels in that moment they matter and they are important and appreciated and loved. If nothing else happened that night except our witness to this man’s moment it would have all been worth it.

God is amazing and his spirit is flowing everywhere in everyone-sometimes we just need an outlet to let it shine. Thank-you James, Grace, Lynda all the artists and everyone who attended.

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