Birthday Cards and Coffee

Have you ever noticed when kids have birthdays they by-pass the card to get to the gift? Some adults do this to; in fact I have been guilty of that myself! We consider it just a card, a piece of paper to let us know who gave us the gift. But do we really appreciate the message inside? Unless you are one of those die hard scrap bookers your birthday cards will probably end up in the garbage eventually.

About 2 weeks ago at the mission we started a “birthday club” of sorts so we could celebrate everyone’s birthday in a small way. We asked for people to let us know their birthday so we could write it on the calendar and could celebrate when it came around. Not everyone was willing to share but we did get quite a few who wanted to. One of those who did was our friend Ruth*.

Ruth’s birthday was coming up in a week and I was excited that she would be our first birthday card recipient! But she never came in. I thought perhaps she was busy or had some other things to do, but after a week I started to worry. She is a regular of HHSM. Finally on the following Monday she came in, to my relief she was okay.

Relieved I said “Oh my you’re here I had your birthday card ready to go on your birthday and you never came in, is everything okay?”

Tears came to her eyes “I didn’t come in because it was my birthday and no one sent me a card or a gift this year, to be honest they never do. My girls are busy and maybe they think I am too old to care about birthdays. I was really depressed so I stayed away from here. I know you asked me when my birthday was but I didn’t think you guys would do anything about it. I love cards. I have kept every card I have ever gotten in the last 10 years, which isn’t very many. But I put them up in my little place and when I feel sad I try to remember how that person felt about me by reading what they wrote in it.”

Next time someone gives my children a birthday card I will take the time to point out the importance of the words written inside and the love behind it. Next time I receive one I will not by pass it to the gift but really take in the message inside. Maybe this is how God feels sometimes with us. We “read” His word because we should but sometimes we only by pass to the gift of eternal life part instead of taking the time to take in the entire amazing message of love inside.

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  1. colleen Reply
    and next time I send a card I will think about what I write and what it might mean to the person who receives it....and the fact that maybe they will save it and think about what I wrote later and maybe even in the future. It's not quite the same with an e-card....

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